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Reading Gym Speech-Language
Pathology Clinics of Niagara

Speech-Language Pathologist, Ontario Teaching Certification
Associate Clinical Professor (Adjunct), McMaster University
Co-Owner Reading Gym Inc., Speech Gym Inc., Reading Gym Publishing Inc.

Welcome to Reading Gym!

Our mission is to help kids with reading, writing, listening and speaking in a fun and friendly learning environment.

The Grantham sisters, Mary Jane Grantham and Marsha Grantham are the proud owners
of Reading Gym Speech-Language Pathology Clinics of Niagara. We started out small about 15 years ago working with 3 kids per week out of our home office. Our staff consisted of
Mary Jane, Marsha, and Sasha; Marsha’s Yorkshire Terrier.

Over the years our business has grown and we currently have 4 clinics in the Niagara Region of Ontario (North St. Catharines, West St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Beamsville) and 20 employees. We offer group sessions as well as private sessions.

Over the years, we have mentored several University Students … and have hired many of them after they graduate. We also accept Masters Degree SLP placement students from McMaster University and Western University and CDA students from Georgian College and Durham College in our internship program.

MJ and Marsha come from a coaching background, and we use the methodologies that we use coaching in our Reading Gym practice. We use circuit training, multisensory activities, timed drills and progressions to boost skill development. MJ brings the fun factor to the gym!

We love to be creative and we have fun making products for use in our clinics. We have developed an incredible Reading Gym product line that helps kids learn the foundational skills to get them ready to read and write. We are proud that our Reading Gym products have been picked up by Super Duper Publications Inc. and have been featured on PBS. Check out “Behind the Scenes with Laurence Fishburne – Reading Initiatives” which is still available for viewing on Youtube.

After trialing and refining our products in-clinic we mass produce the best of the best (like our Make a Pile/Steal a Pile cards) for sale to the public.

We love our work… it’s fun and we get results!


Marsha Grantham

Marsha Grantham

Reading Gym Mascot

Our Mascot Sasha

MaryJane Grantham

MaryJane Grantham

Reading Gym Mascot

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